Play PR workshop/unconference in Toronto | 6.05.2013

As you all know the yearly GRAND conference will be in Toronto from May 14-16, 2013, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. After the conference – we in the PlayPR group will be meeting at OCAD for a two-day workshop May 17 and 18 – which will be part workshop and part Unconference.  The Workshop/Unconference will he held at 205 Richmond St W. and will start at Paula Gardner’s Mobile Lab. Tentatively I would like to suggest that we meet at 10:30 AM at 205 Richmond St W. and decide on everything else together.  We will however cater a meal on the first day – for lunch, and we can decide about dinner later – but please come with dinner ideas!! (e-mail them to me beforehand)

To start – we ask that everyone come with a couple of research ideas.  These should be ideas that really excite you (not something you imagine that GRAND or PlayPR are looking for).  Try to keep the ideas short  so that they can be stated in 2-3 sentences so that way we can do a very quick round at the beginning and set the pace rather than to get bogged down early.  If there are 20 of us – then we will have 40 ideas, which we will then sort into groups.  Then, in Unconference style – we will break into smaller groups based on affinities to the various ideas and whittle them down to half – - – we will then iterate the process.  The idea is that by the end of Saturday we will have a core of a few solid ideas with clusters of people around those ideas.

The GRAND renewal is coming up so this will help us to think about what we might really want to do for that – or beyond that!

Here are some basic details:

205 Richmond St W – (5th floor) rooms 7511 and 7514

Friday May 17th

10:30 – 1 at OCAD - (205 Richmond St W)

Lunch at OCAD – catered

2 – 5:30 at OCAD

Dinner together?

Saturday May 18th – 10 – 5

10 – 1 at OCAD

Lunch – where?

2 – 5 at OCAD





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