Playing the Past | 14.11.2012

We had a fantastic presentation last Friday by the Hypertext and Hypermedia Lab at Carlton University in Ottawa.  They gave a really interesting presentation about their project called – Heritages Passages Virtual Museum.  They talked about the trials and successes inherent in cross-disciplinary collaborative projects and discussed their experience of challenges of gamifying history.  Unfortunately we couldn’t screen capture the whole talk as we have done in the past – but I took an image of Concordia’s side of the audience.  I think to date – this was the most successful SKYPE presentation – in terms of attendance.  Thank you everyone for coming – and I hope we can continue to have as many people.

I have noticed that we are becoming more and more at ease with this medium of presentation – I saw a lot of people making jokes and noticed that we have become comfortable with each other – chatting and discussing ideas.

I think there are still better ways to improve the communication – Bart, Lynn and I discussed afterwards that we should set up a conference call.  So that when SKYPE cuts out – we can still hear everything.

Next time…

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