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Lynn Hughes


Lynn Hughes is co-founder of TAG (and of the Interstices Research Group with Jean Dubois). She teaches at Concordia where she holds a Research Chair in Interactive Design and Games Innovation. She has co-produced two large scale games, CUBID and /Fabulous/ Fabuleux/. Both of these use unusual custom designed physical interfaces and focus on activating the physical environment, and the body, in relation to virtual space and sound. Lynn is passionate about trying to work with people from other disciplines and the community beyond the university.

Hughes contributes to the G3 projects, leading prototype design of collaborative gestural games (with Simon and Mudur), examining how gestural motion and the body affect the player’s relationship to the primarily visual representations in the game and/or on the screen. She brings experience in the use of room sized screen projection, sound and RFID and other sensors to encourage players movement through physical (architectural) space.


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