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David Jhave Johnston


David Jhave Johnston is a web-curator and independent media-arts practitioner, involved in numerous collaborative and solo digital and in-situ art practises.

Focus: language-based online digital art. Combinatorial poetics, multimedia poetry. Currently, developing works that feature typographic experiments built through a synthesis of Flash, Mudbox, Vegas, Ableton Suite and Mr. Softie.

Created a series of textual animations (Softies) using custom OBX software Mr Softie with eventual goal of using in voice-sensitive installation contexts. Extrapolated from a real-time audio-threshold-sensitive text-triggering application called SoundSeeker toward a new app called Woken Word (now subsumed under Complex Talk). Woken Word (an automated real-time text-animation prototype) will develop an interface specifically for spoken-word and performance poetry. Woken Word functions as a direct audio-sensitive counterpoint to the touch-sensitive PLATFORM P.o.E.M.M.


» P.o.E.M.M.= Poems for Excitable [Mobile] Media

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