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Vicki Moulder


Vicki Moulder, is a PhD Student studying at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology, SFU. The primary focus of her work explores creative collaborations at the intersection of technology and cultural production. She has over 20-years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, including various artist-run centers and government departments designing public artworks; and technology-based solutions for capacity building, evaluation, and outreach. Her current project is Babylonia (2012) in collaboration with Radix Theatre and Carman Neustaedter, SIAT, SFU. This is a mixed-reality theatre production scheduled to open at the Free Fall Festival, in Toronto on March 2012. Last year she completed a public artwork in collaboration with Lorna Boschman, Cease Wyss and the City of Surrey. The Talking Poles (2011) are two 17ft poles placed in a suburban neighborhood that sense and play back audio recordings from local residents.


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