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Audrey Desjardins


I studied industrial design at Université de Montréal before diving into design research and interaction design. I explore areas of interaction design such as everyday design, appropriation, sustainability, tangibility, prototyping and design experiments.

My master’s thesis addresses the topic of how non expert designers transform, adapt and modify objects in ways that designers did not plan for. We call this appropriation. I focus on the techniques (physical or computational procedures) people use to appropriate objects in three different groups and subcultures: families, hobbyist jewelers and members of the steampunk subculture. This is a multiple case study that focuses on describing the levels and breadth of skills and techniques, as well as the social sharing of procedures within these three groups.

As a designer, I am highly interested in understanding how people can be amateur designers in their everyday lives. I am also convinced that interactive technology products should allow for appropriation as much as non-digital artifacts such as a chair or a piece of paper.


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