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Anouk Wipprecht


Anouk Wipprecht's interest lies in exploring the extent to which we can experience fashion on an emotional, intellectual, and sensual level, and in discovering ways in which we can achieve a higher state of not only physical but also psychological connection between the body and our clothing. She graduated in 2010 from the School of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands, where she completed a thesis on the topic of 'technology as extension of the body’. She has also accomplished a number of internships, including with Sabine Seymour, author of Fashionable Technology in Vienna, AT (2009). Anouk often works collaboratively on her technological projects, for instance with Aduen Darriba (interaction designer) on the project 'Technosensual', with the V2_Labs [Institute for the unstable media] (NL) on 'Pseudomorphs', and with Studio Roosegaarde on the 'Intimacy' project. Recently she was an artist in residence at Quartier21/MQ in Vienna, where she participated with her own fashion show in the MQ Vienna fashion week (2010). Currently she is actively designing new fashion/technology pieces and exhibiting her work internationally.


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