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P.o.E.M.M.= Poems for Excitable [Mobile] Media


P.o.E.M.M. = Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media. The P.o.E.M.M. Cycle is a ten-part new media series exploring themes of language, authenticity and contingency. The works explore different strategies for both writing and reading using multi-touch and mobile devices, and how those strategies substantially expand the range of expression available to me as an artist. Each piece in the series includes a large-scale interactive touchwork for exhibition, a mobile interactive touchwork for tablets and for smartphones, and one or more large-scale prints made with software created by the artist. 

The works in The P.o.E.M.M. Cycle engage the question of how we talk to one another, how we locate ourselves in wider cultural geographies, how we authenticate ourselves against our own expectations and that of others, and how matters that are once seen as so essential—so vital—can later be regarded as contingent.

Our research goal is to deeply explore the creative potential of two developing media technologies: touch surfaces and mobile devices. The introduction of smartphones like the iPhone and tablets like the iPad makes it a promising moment in which to develop such work. The combination of touch interfaces and portability promote a more intimate interaction style than a desktop, and a rich reading experience due to the high-quality, high-resolution screens that render text beautifully. The two-thumbed interaction style they encourage provides interesting possibilities for interactions that enhance the reader’s engagement with the text without distracting her from it. Their mobility makes it possible to experience dynamic and interactive text anywhere, while substantial improvements in processing power have created handheld computers equal to fast desktops of just three years ago. We feel that significant, sustained creative investigation of the writing and reading possibilities of such devices will lead to new forms of new media that will be compelling, provocative and delightful.


» David Jhave Johnston

» Bruno Nadeau

» Christian Gratton

» Chris Drogaris

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