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superHYPERCUBE, from Kokoromi, is a game about holes, and cubes that love them. It explores the vast, mostly unexplored TRON-like tundra of stereoscopy and head tracking in games. Originally produced for GAMMA 3D in Montreal, superHYPERCUBE is a public installation that literally takes the classic game Tetris into the third dimension as you try to rotate increasingly complex cube constellations to fit into a series of rectilinear holes. Presented as an art game, SuperHYPERCUBE’s well-designed 3D mechanics are leveraged to create unique and inventive puzzles on par with mainstream games in the genre. The Kinect port of SuperHypercube was a collaboration between creators Kokoromi/Polytron and TAG/PLAYPR for Indiecade 2011. The game was an indiecade finalist.


» Heather Kelley

» Cindy Poremba

» Kaustubha Mendhurwar

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