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Ludic Voice: Victorianator


This iPhone game explores the use of gesture to trigger synthetic effects upon speech. Gesture was a significant part of recitation (reading poetry out loud) during the Victorian period (that’s the Nineteenth-Century). We have taken specific gestures as prescribed in Victorian elocution manuals and have put them at the core of our gameplay. The player records one of three Victorian poems in monotone, and then, using these Victorian elocutionary gestures, triggers Victorian style elocutionary effects upon the recording.

The effects we have come up with are also straight out of Victorian elocution manuals, only ours are synthetically generated. If you perform your gestures properly, on cue, then you “Victorianate” your voice, and succeed in the game.


» Jason Camlot

» Michael Fortin

» Pierre Alexandre Fournier

» Stéphanie Bouchard

» Heather Kelley

» Amanda Williams


» The Instantaneous Personal Magnetizer (aka “The Victorianator”).


» The Victorianator, an iPhone Game

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