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Body Editing / Ozone Media Choreography System


The Body Editing project is an interactive environment using the Nintendo Kinect and data projectors in an installation space, allowing users’ gestures and movements to “edit” raw film footage. The film footage used comes from a film in process, “8 Count,” directed by Lynn Kamm and funded by Bravo!FACT; it explores the layered percussive sounds of the boxing arena. 8 Count’s boxing scenario creates rhythmic movement both from boxing movements (or “dancing” feet) and gloved hands punching. The film layers these audio sounds with interesting percussive and musical elements, while the narrative plays off and highlights the boxers movements as dance.


» Michael Fortin

» Sha Xin Wei

» Paula Gardner

» Julian Higuerey Núñez

» Suzanne Stein

» Rob King

» Susan Campbell

» Symon Oliver

» Emma Westecott

» Ken Leung

» Kate Hartman

» Gabe Sawhney


» PROTOTYPES report: Body Editing Project, GRAND at OCAD

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